The Fishing Cake
  • Moist red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting 

 Pirate Birthday Cake
  • Ships are made with vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream with marshmallow fondant
  • Treasure chest is vanilla cake with chocolate frosting 
  • Decorations were made with various candies and snacks

Baby Shower
  • Cake is vanilla with cream cheese and fresh strawberry filling 
  • Covered with marshmallow fondant
  • Baby bottom is made with cereal treats and marshmallow fondant

  • Shamu was a detachable vanilla cake with tinted vanilla buttercream
  • Main cake is also vanilla with vanilla buttercream and regular fondant

  • This cake was made with moist vanilla cake
  • The main circle is covered with marshmallow fondant
  • The ears are covered with tinted vanilla butter cream
  • Decorations are made with tinted piping gel and marshmallow fondant.

Hello Kitty
  • This cake is vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream
  • Details are done with tinted piping gel

Motorcycle "Mama"
(Saddle Bags)

  • This cake is vanilla with vanilla butter cream covered in marshmallow fondant